Protruding brickwork gives a ribbed facade to Lezze’s House VR in Belgium

Dark grey bricks alternate between protruding and receding rows to give a ribbed texture to the facade of this family house near Brussels by Belgian studio …read more Shared by : Dezeen

The Mothership by Akoaki is a mobile DJ booth for playing funk on the streets of Detroit

Architecture studio Akoaki has created an angular aluminium pod called The Mothership, which contains a DJ booth for staging pop-up events and funk concerts in Detroit’s North End neighbourhood (+ slideshow). …read more Shared by : Dezeen

Drum-like pavilion by GH3 creates a glowing presence in a Canadian city park

The mirrored glass surface of this park pavilion in Edmonton, Canada, helps the structure merge with its surroundings during the day and glow from within …read more Shared by : Dezeen

“Just because you can 3D-print something, doesn’t mean you should”

Comments update: what’s the point in using 3D printing technology to create “impractical and uncomfortable shoes?” Read on for more on this and other most commented Dezeen stories this week. (more…) …read more Shared by : Dezeen

Scottish holiday home by WT Architecture masquerades as an old stone mill

The blackened timber walls of this family holiday home are hidden within the shell of an old stone mill in the Scottish countryside (+ slideshow). (more…) …read more Shared by : Dezeen

Snøhetta designs a new kitchen for The French Laundry in Napa Valley

Snøhetta has unveiled plans to build a new kitchen for The French Laundry – a prestigious California restaurant that is often …read more Shared by : Dezeen

Edges Apartments designed by Studio Toggle to resemble a pile of stacked blocks

A facade divided into angled segments creates a sharp pattern of light and shadow across the front of this brick apartment building in Kuwait by local architecture firm Studio Toggle. …read more Shared by : Dezeen

Terraced landscaping surrounds concrete and stone structure of Emre Arolat’s Sancaklar Mosque

This mosque near Istanbul by Emre Arolat Architects, which features cast concrete walls and a “cave-like” prayer hall, has been shortlisted for this year’s Design of the Year award …read more Shared by : Dezeen

Neri&Hu’s design for a Shanghai punch bar references the city’s old alleyways

Chinese studio Neri&Hu has added bamboo-lined booths and green glass lampshades to a Shanghai bar that specialises in one drink – punch (+ slideshow). Shared by : Dezeen

Richard Rogers donates house designed for parents to Harvard architecture school

British architect Richard Rogers has gifted the seminal Wimbledon home he designed for his parents in the late 1960s to the Harvard Graduate School of …read more Shared by : Dezeen

Aketuri Architektai clads woodland house in Lithuania with shale tiles

The upper storey of this home in the Lithuanian countryside is contained within a pointy shale-clad roof, while glazed walls provide Shared by : Dezeen

Daycare centre near Brussels features child-size furniture and a combined staircase and slide

Skylights illuminate the timber-lined atrium of this daycare centre by ZAmpone Architectuur, where furniture, sleeping nooks and even the staircase are all designed to be accessible for little occupants (+ …read more Shared by : Dezeen