The Easiest Pillow Cover Ever

This is the easiest pillow cover ever. No measuring! No sewing! …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

No Sew, One Shoulder Shirt. DIY

I wanted a one shoulder shirt to wear out Saturday night but I couldn’t find one that fit, So I decided to make my own and no sewing required. Mens Tee- Shirt* I used a Extra large mens Tee-shirt. …readRead more…

15 Reasons Why I Store Epsom Salts

What is Epsom Salts? It is not actually salt but a naturally occuring pure mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

15 Kitchen Organization Ideas

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10 DIYs For Using Stuff That’s Just Lying Around!

Reusing old stuff is a fun and easy way to spruce up your home. And it’s a perfect way for busy people to update their home without breaking the bank. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

High Heel Cupcakes

A gathering for a bridal shower or even a night in with a group of girlfriends requires a great dessert. One that really stands out are high heel cupcakes that are quite simple to assemble. …read more Shared by :Read more…

When You Can Upcycle, Why Recycle ?

Many times, we have heard about recycling products that we use. We can find ways to reuse them. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

25 Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar. Amazing!

Apple cider vinegar is a powerful and all-natural product, and the uses for apple cider vinegar in your daily life are almost endless. We’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite ways to use apple cider vinegar, and while you mayRead more…

11 Clever Garage Storage Ideas

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10 Bird Feeders Kids Love To Make

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10 Spice Organization Tips

This is a delightful blog committed to organizing your spices, and come up with ways that you can thrive at home. This can give you a lot with home decor, easy recipes, projects, and a lot more tips. …read moreRead more…

Microwave Potato Chips

Potato chips are the #1 snack food in America! Believe it or not, we eat 1.2 billion pounds a year! …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas