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10 Household Uses For Soda Pop

It’s a guilty pleasure. It’s a treat. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

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Easter Printables Bunny Wall Puppet

With less than one week to go before Easter school holidays Miss Molly is all about bunnies, chocolate, sleeping-in and playing dolls for days on end!! So yesterday evening we turned our attention to how to decorate the door orRead more…

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Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

When you invest in new carpet for your home, you want to make sure it lasts a loooong time. You want to keep it clean and make sure you have the right carpet cleaning products on hand so you canRead more…

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Jelly Bean Carrot Treat Bags

Looking for a fun treat idea to fill Easter baskets? These darling jelly bean carrot treat bags can be put together in just a matter of minutes with my cute free printable tags, and they are sure to be aRead more…

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how to make Clay Pot Flower People

Check out this fun craft project that shows you how to make exciting sculptures out of your extra clay pots that were just lying around. These flower people are a great way to add a unique and kooky splash ofRead more…

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Cherry Blossom Tablescape

The Nation’s Capital is getting ready to celebrate all things cherry blossoms and today’s tablescape pays homage to this annual tradition. I started with a white linen tablecloth as the base, and layered with pink chargers, white place settings, andRead more…

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Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies

September → Apples → Caramel Apples → Salted Caramel → Ice Cream → Pie → …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

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How To Sort The Laundry: The Best & Easiest Ways

From plastic baskets to organizing the chaotic closet, sorting the laundry can become quite the stressful, daily situation. But we’re here to make all of that worrisome trouble and mess go away. From stylish tips, organizational tricks and easy waysRead more…

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Easy Cupcakes Lasagna Step By Step

This lasagna cupcake recipe was so much fun to make. It uses wonton wrappers as the noodle base, which makes it really quick to both assemble and cook. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

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14 Incredibly Useful Household Tips

Sometimes it’s the simplest tips that can make life easier, and today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite useful household tips to pass along to you. With kitchen ideas, organizational tips, cleaning tips and more, this is a listRead more…

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How To Polish Wood Furniture

I showed you an easy homemade furniture polish recipe yesterday, so I thought a few of you might like specific directions on how to actually use it. Cleaning and polishing wood furniture is easy peasy, but there actually is aRead more…

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How To Clean Cooked-On Gunk From A Stove Top

ets get this out of the way first: Yes, you should just clean up the messes on your stove top before they dry and cook and turn into greasy mystery gunk of unknown vintage. …read more Shared by : DIYselfiesRead more…