Toilet Roll Crafts: Hula Girl and Her Mermaid Friend

Looking forward to warm, sunny weather ?!! or maybe you’re lucky enough to be enjoying it right now!! Toilet roll crafts are always a favourite here on MollyMoo and today’s TP Roll Dolls embrace everything that is great about recycledRead more…

Learning a new craft – Weaving

I have a new obsession… and it’s not chocolate! It’s weaving, I’m hooked and it’s all thanks to Molly and a little kid’s weaving frame I bought for €4 in Tiger a few weeks ago. I never tried it asRead more…

Pasta Crafts: Macaroni Cat Necklaces

#themacaronichallenge pasta crafts fun continues on this and 14 other blogs this week with these cute Cat Necklaces. Simple painted macaroni tubes with cute cat faces threaded on a piece of yarn make for the puuuuurfect accessory for you littleRead more…

Crochet A Cat’s Cave. So Cute!

Who wants a cozy kitty? Or would that be a kitty cozy? …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

50 Sewing Tips For Beginners & Pros

So you’ve decided that you want to start sewing and you’re feeling very excited about it. That’s great! …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

Pasta Crafts: Painted Macaroni Necklaces

Painted pasta diy jewelry is one of the most popular and doable crafts for kids. Kids from age three to nine love pasta crafts, having something light and beautifully textured to work with, and so many fun shapes to createRead more…

DIY Home Project: Vintage Looking Jeans

Who said all great fun art projects must revolve around furniture and the food we eat? There are plenty of DIY Ideas that we can use on other different fields and still make craft projects that are to die for!Read more…

DIY Bubble Quilt!

What an adorable bubble quilt! This cute quilt makes me think of bubble wrap! …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

Photo Frame Magnets for Mom

Looking for a fun, personal way to honor a special woman in your life this Mothers’ Day? Today, I’ve teamed up with the Michaels Makers team in the Celebrations Challenge, which is all about celebrating every occasion this summer inRead more…

How To Print On Burlap {And Change Your Life Forever}

I get more questions about how to print on burlap than pretty much anything else on 2IY and so I figured instead of always directing people back to one paragraph in a post on my Stars and Stripes Banner, IRead more…

Crochet Pattern: Vintage Daisy Motif

While cleaning out my linen cabinet I found an ancient afghan made for me by an elderly friend. Holding that blanket brought me back to when she tried teaching me to crochet. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

Adorable Converse Crochet Patterns!

How sweet are these converse?? Crochet some converse for yourself or a baby! …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas