Shaun The Sheep Marshmallow Cupcakes!

Every child loves marshmallows, but turn marshmallows into sweet puffs that resemble little sheep and the kids will go crazy for them! Small sweet and tart, Shaun The Sheep Marshmallow Cupcakes, are the subject of discussion on this fun pageRead more…

12 Home Remedies To Always Keep On Hand

I was raised by a wonderful mother who taught me to always try home remedies first to heal whatever is ailing me. I’m the oldest of 8 children, and to this day I’m astounded at how little we ever hadRead more…

77 Healthy Crock-Pot Recipes

In my pantheon of great cooking inventions, it goes like this: first there was fire, then there was sliced bread, and then there was the crock-pot. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

Lemon Monkey Bread

Every monkey bread recipe I’ve ever seen is made with butter and brown sugar resulting in a caramel covered pull apart bread. This recipe intrigued me because of its main ingredient. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

36 Kitchen Tips And Tricks That Nobody Told You About

It is interesting the things you can learn that nobody ever told you about, for example, you pull a stick of butter out of the refrigerator and it is still too hard. It could be hard because you just pulledRead more…

30 Minute Meals

Kirbie’s Cravings is a food blog based in San Diego, sharing dining experiences (mainly in San Diego, but also in Los Angeles, Orange County, the Bay Area and anywhere else we travel to), our kitchen recipes, and food product obsessions.Read more…

Wax Papered Faucets

Looking for a way to avoid cleaning your bathroom for even longer? Then there’s good news, especially if you have chrome bathroom fixtures. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

25 Lifehacks That Will Make Things Easier For You

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Top 13 Air Purifying Houseplants

If that fancy, expensive air purifier that you just saw in the mall is a little bit out of your price range, don’t be sad! There is another way to purify the air in your home, and it’s natural! …readRead more…

21 DIY Natural Air Fresheners

Store bought air fresheners, scented candles and potpourri are full of artificial scents and harmful chemicals which can irritate your skin and lungs. However we found the best natural fragrances so you don’t have to hunt for them. …read moreRead more…

Make A Raised Bed Garden Out Of Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks: They are inexpensive, reliable, and strong but are light enough to be easily used in DIY projects. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

Easy Way To Remove Hard Water Stains

Hi Friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas