Decoupage DIY with a $7 poster

I love seeing unique ideas for refinishing furniture! I have an old desk that I’ve been meaning to refinish, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

studio MK27 contains tetris house within an intimate timber-clad box

this two-storey residential property features a permeable ground floor that can be presented in a variety of configurations using movable panels. The post studio MK27 contains tetris house within an intimate timber-clad box appeared first on designboom | architecture &Read more…

Upcoming Trend: Openwork

Spring/Summer 2015:KenzoOscar de la RentaTomeEmanuel UngaroValentinoLanvinRochasGosia BaczyńskaPaul & Joe …read more Shared by : Sweet Cinnamon Cupcake

Deck Lighting Ideas That Bring Out The Beauty Of The Space

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27 Stunning Home Upgrades To Make In No Time

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Shipping Container Home Acts Like A Sculpture In The Irish Land

In 2014 a new and unconventional construction was added to the beautiful Irish countryside. The residence was designed by The architects employed a completely new approach for the area, designing the first modern shipping container construction in Northern Ireland. TheyRead more…

Andreja Pejic Lands a Major Beauty Contract

The 23-year-old is one of the first transgender models to score a huge beauty campaign. read more …read more Shared by : The Hollywood Reporter

discover the art of spare parts with OFFBITS toy robots

originally designed with unused and unloved bits and pieces, the tiny robots now come in built-it-yourself kits that can be infinitely customized with your own spare parts. The post discover the art of spare parts with OFFBITS toy robots appearedRead more…

34 Light Bulb Moment Tips For Decluttering Your Home And Life

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Celebrity Teens To Look For Style Inspiration

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Fab design find: Umbra’s Hub ladder

There are three things that are always on my shopping list when antiquing season rolls around: 1. Blue Willow. It was my first set of patterned dishes when I moved out on my own, and ever since, I’ve had anRead more…

Patricia Urquiola coats transparent furniture for Glas Italia with an iridescent sheen

Milan 2015: Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has overcome her hatred of glass to design a collection of irridescent furniture and mirrors using the material. (more…) …read more Shared by : Dezeen