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Recycled Container Gardening With Kids

All kids love digging in the dirt, and getting messy. Making recycled gardening containers, and planting plants in them, is a great way for your kids to play with nature, and be creative. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies CreativeRead more…

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Add colour to your garden with calibrachoa

PC Super Gigantico Confetti Garden Summer Daze, $25 (13-inch hanging basket), Real Canadian Superstore. Photography courtesy of Real Canadian Superstore. When it comes to colourful annuals, calibrachoa tick just about every box you can imagine. They’re affordable, readily-available (I’ve highlightedRead more…

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DIY: Pallet Gardening Table

Are you looking for somewhere to display all of those flowers that you worked so hard growing? If you have a few pallets, some nails and a hammer, then you can make a table that is decorative and functional. …readRead more…

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Thrifty DIY Weed Killer Trick!

Landscaping and outdoor maintenance can be rather costly. However, millions of homeowners are searching for less expensive ways to maintain their home’s exterior. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

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Easy DIY Firepit

Outdoor living is an important element for homeowners today. When potential buyers are searching for their new home, they often look for an outdoor space option in prospects. …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

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Gardening Pt V: DIY Insecticides + Herbicides

If you garden, you know the shock and horror of going out for your morning watering and finding that a little pest has eaten the leaves of your cucumber clean off or a rabbit has been nibbling on the lettuce.Read more…

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DIY Square Fire Pit. Or do you like a round one?

This square fire pit will actually help people enjoy the outdoor area that they have for their property. It is surprisingly simple to set up, which will add to its overall level of utility. …read more Shared by : DIYselfiesRead more…

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Growing Vegetables In Pots

This year I have started my own patio garden. The hubs and I live in an apartment, but that is no reason for forego home-grown vegetables! …read more Shared by : DIYselfies Creative Ideas

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Gardening Tips Pt IV: DIY Plant Markers

Have you ever gone out to the garden to pull up some onions and pulled up carrots instead? Some of us So when it comes to knowing which is sage and which is parsley, it certainly helps to have labels.NotRead more…

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17 Easy Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do

In today’s times, not only are you under pressure to create a beautiful home, but you also need curb appeal to match. Unless you want your complaint-filled neighbor to roam over and start yapping about your home’s eyesores, you’ll wantRead more…

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How To Turn Old Doors Into A Garden Shed

What better way to use your old doors, than to create some novel storage space? All you need to add to your collection of doors is a small slab, roofing steel or acrylic for a skillion roof, and a fewRead more…

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Wood Pallet Vegetable Garden! So Easy To Do!

Last night after I watered the pallet garden I snapped a few pictures so you could see how it’s coming along. To be honest, I think I get more bang for my buck with the pallet garden in the springRead more…